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About Us

Our passion is sharing our knowledge of the health benefits of dark berries.

We believe we can make the world a healthier place by offering great dark berry products and by utilizing sustainable, healthy business practices. We strive to find creative ways to raise awareness of the importance of a healthy lifestyle. We actively and passionately embrace health education, research, philanthropic contributions, and environmentally-friendly practices.

Our expertise in the health benefits of dark berries spans from Field to Function™.

From the growing fields to the lab to the warehouse, everything we do is guided by our passion to share our knowledge about the health benefits of dark berries and to manufacture the highest-quality dark berry products that delivery the health benefits of dark berries to you. Our dark berry supplements - packed with powerful berry antioxidants and phytonutrients, especially the anthocyanins - offer a convenient solution when a busy life makes it difficult to get all the berry phytonutrients that you should for optimal health.

Our staff - whether in the field, lab, production facility or warehouse - all believe in the powerful health benefits of dark berries, healthy foods, and taking care of our environment.

Our bottle and caps are 100% recyclable. We use all natural inks and glues. The box that surrounds our bottle is also 100% recyclable and made up of at least 50% post-consumer product (and, yes, we struggled with the decision to use a box but there is so much to say about berries that we couldn't get it all on just the label!) We are leaders in health education and environmentally-friendly practices and are committed to making the world a healthier place.

Our ingredients are cultivated by growers who are fairly compensated and from countries that value human rights.

This is extremely important to us and something we know is important to you, too! We all should be paid fairly and provided with good working conditions.