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Berries For Life™ takes pride in meticulously formulating all products and determining the amounts per serving based on extensive research showing the health benefits of each ingredient

BerryImmune™ combines a premium blend of dark berry phytonutrients and other scientifically-substantiated ingredients to create a well-rounded immune support product to strengthen the body's defenses and modulate a normal healthy immune response from multiple angles.

About the ingredients

Elderberry is one of the most recognized and well-researched berries for its immune health properties, specifically its antiviral benefits against some influenza virus strains. Human clinical studies have shown that elderberry extract supplementation relieves influenza symptoms several days sooner than placebo groups. BerryImmune™ includes a standardized elderberry extract to ensure consistently high levels of the elderberry anthocyanins.

The widely-studied anti-adherence quality of cranberry helps strengthen the body against certain bacterial pathogens. Most of the attention centers aroundE. colistrains that contribute to urinary tract infections, but some research indicates cranberry can exhibit similar effects against other types of bacteria that may inhabit the mouth and stomach.

Beta-glucan is a natural polysaccharide found in a variety of substances, including certain mushrooms. However, more clinical research has been conducted on a particular beta-glucan derived from a proprietary strain of yeast known as 1,3/1,6 polysaccharide. This particular beta-glucan serves as an immune response modulator without over-stimulating the immune system. In clinical studies, beta-glucan supplementation reduced the duration and severity of cold symptoms, as well as decreased the incidence of upper respiratory tract infections and fatigue. BerryImmune™ includes the efficacious dosage used in these immune clinical studies.

To target the immune system from the area of digestive health, inulin fiber was included to supplement other food sources of this prebiotic. Inulin keeps the healthy bacteria of the gut nourished and functioning properly so they can out-compete any foreign invaders in the gut.

The BerryImmune™ formula is rounded out by adding the recommended daily value of zinc and a high level of Vitamin C, which are essential vitamins and minerals needed for a properly functioning immune system.*

The ingredients in this formulation have been shown to:

  • Target multiple aspects of immune health.
  • Include higher levels of elderberry anthocyanins than in other popular immune formulas.
  • Serve as a clinically-validated immune system modulator and help against occasional fatigue.
  • Possess considerable antioxidant activity.
  • Strengthen the body's natural defenses.
  • Help nourish and maintain healthy intestinal flora.